On War and Apocalypse

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On War and Apocalypse

Post  cradlerc on Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:10 pm

A dense, but really great, artcile by Rene Griard from First Things (and thanks to Austenfan for initially posting this link.


His point about our complete failure to adeqautely understand Islamic terrorism is well-taken. But what strikes me as more important is the point he makes that a Christian viewpoint of history makes violence legible in ways that a secular--or indeed, a non-Christian viewpoint--probably cannot.

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Interpretation of Revelations

Post  stihl on Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:07 am

This article pre-supposes that the Book of Revelations is about the destruction of this World and humankind.

In a recent homily, our priest explained Revelations as alegory regarding each of personally. This brings about a point regarding Salvation, was Jesus here to offer Salvation to men or Man. Is the destruction of Man a done deal?

A couple of physical facts that will challenge the continued exsistence of Mankind: one day the Sun will burn out; an astroid could hit the Earth and extinguish life; our solar system could be sucked into a black hole; our galaxy could collide with another galaxy and be torn apart.

In spite of sustainable pracitces, taking care of the enviroment, ending all war, healthcare for all; any one of these events would extinguish or exsistence and there is nothing we could do about it.

I find it ironic that war is largely responsible for technological advances that could (theorectially) twart an astroid. The thing that often threatens the exsistence of Mankind also lends improvement to it.

IMHO, the Book of Revelations is about the Roman Empire, which at the time Revelations was authored, was the "World". Like the Tower of Babel, it points out the limitiation of Man in His attempt to control all (to play God).

In these times, since our horizon of knowledge is so much more expansive, the same idea applies. The physical Universe is limited and our personal phyiscal exsistence is finite. To strive for total control is folly. The ony thing in our control is our soul and our relationship with God.

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