Another film to miss

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Another film to miss

Post  AustenFan on Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:11 pm

This one is "Orphan".

This review prompted some reflection on another area than just a lousy film. I am interested in acting. I have a nine year old son who is just getting sort of interested in acting. "Orphan" has a nine year old actress who plays the villain. Now I realize that there are a lot of kids who are keen on acting as well as pushy stage mothers and fathers.
However, are they so desperate to get their kid into a film that they push them into a film that a nine year old can't even go see?!! I also know that there are brain-dead parents who might take their nine year kid to an R rated film, but I am not one of them. I didn't even see "The Passion Of Christ" and I wouldn't have taken my son to it. According to this review the film "Orphan" contains scenes that relate to pedophilia, violence (obviously since the child is a homocidal maniac) and incest. I wonder how the kids prepare their daughter for such a role, and I think it's just sad that you have to explain these kind of things not because of questions from a child, or a crisis, but because you want to get your child into films.

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